Going deeper

In all relationships, not only in intimate relationships, being authentic, showing the truth and being honest is essential.


Oliverio Diego

1/17/20231 min read

In all relationships, not only in intimate relationships, you need to be authentic, show the truth and be honest. Your dark side is with you all the time, and people sooner or later will get to know that side. Don't hide it consciously. When Jesus says: "all that is hidden will be revealed,"; he was talking about this side of the human being. Things within us that we don't want people to know.

Conversely, making things too easy does not help any relationship. If you are an open book, there is nothing else to discover about you. All the secrets are exposed, and the mysterious elements of life go away. In fact, the unknown is very attractive and makes people curious and seduce because it is unknown.Similarly, when I ask myself a question that has no answer - I sit in the dark and explore the unknown, the dark side of life, the night, and the potential forces. It is like sitting in a dark room and waiting; if you stay long enough, if you don't move, after a while, you will be able to see also in the dark. Your eyes will collect all the light possible to reveal the secret of darkness; this happens with intimate relationships and friendships.

When you spend enough time with someone, you get to know the person's dark side, the shadow and all the internal forces that are piloting him. You become familiar with that person. Familiarity is soothing e warm. We feel comfortable with it. When entering another person's darkness, we become familiar with that darkness. We begin to see some light, and slowly but surely, secrets emerge from the night, like in a dark room.

People are the unknown, like a sentence with a question mark at the end. Or vice versa.