Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy

Current Student at Auckland University of Technologies -

Bachelor Degree in Psychology

14th December 2020 - University of West of Scotland - United Kingdom

University of the West of Scotland -

Diploma in Community Service Work

5th July 2016 - TAFE, Ultimo - New South Wales

Ultimo Tafe -

Certificate IV in Community Service Work

20th July 2015 - TAFE, Ultimo - New South Wales

Ultimo Tafe -

Zen Buddhism Meditation Practice

2012-2016 - Sydney Zen Center - New South Wales

I have been living and practising meditation at the SZC for more than 4 Years. I was one of the leader-member of the meditation Group.

Subhana Barzaghi Zen Master -

Zen Center -

Seminar-Workshop on Spiritual Creativity

27-29 April 2022 - Unialeph - Camogli

A seminar that leads us to encounter our traumatised inner child. The exercise that we performed allowed us to reduce our internal suffering dramatically.

Unialeph -

Seminar-Workshop Falling in love and love

03-05 May 2022 - Unialeph - Camogli

Love is the everyday basis of all forms of genuine help. To end relationship conflicts, I can ask the other to teach me the words that bring him/her comfort so that he can pronounce them, and also those that cause him discomfort or unhappiness so that he can avoid them.

Help me help you, or teach me to love you: how can I help you feel good?

This seemingly simple question can generate a potent effect: that of breaking down the communication barriers that typically stand in the way of relationships between two people.

Unialeph -

Seminar -Words and care

28-30 August 2022 - Unialeph - Camogli

Words can be parables, bridges that unite people, or they can be swords that pierce their hearts.

Unialeph -

Seminar - Psychogenome: mapping the origin of our soul

28-30 August 2022 - Unialeph - Camogli

By fully understanding our egoic and soul roots, we can become parents of ourselves and others.

Before being economical, financial and political, the current planetary crisis is cultural, anthropological, and spiritual. Neoliberalism embodies a kind of thought, relationship, culture and anthropology which destroys democracy, human rights and the environment.

To free ourselves from neoliberalism, we need a new kind of thinking.

Unialeph -

Seminar - Discovering personality

24 September, 2022 Jordan Peterson

An 8-module (5-hour) personality course taught by renowned psychologist and bestselling author Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, aimed at helping you understand yourself and others based on the “Big Five” model of personality.