Children's individual hypnotherapy - Sleep deprivation

I can’t recommend Diego highly enough since he treated my teenage son’s sleeping issues using hypnotherapy. The transformation in my son has been incredible, both through his improved sleeping and mood.

Diego has such a calm and nurturing presence that immediately made my son feel safe and heard enough to share what was going on for him.

After four sessions, my son is sleeping better, is less short-tempered and anxious, has better concentration and rationale, and has more confidence. The house is a much calmer space.


Adult individual hypnotherapy - Quit smoking

Good morning Diego,

Thanks to your audio explicitly created for my brain, you have succeeded perfectly in communicating what I had not been able to convey for years that I am a non-smoker ... it was the right incentive at the right time with the right therapist. I finally gained more self-confidence, more determination, more health, and therefore, more personal POWER!!!

My first experience with hypnosis was helpful, pleasant and decisive. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to establish a more intense dialogue with their "being"!

Francesca Lucca

The hero's Journey Workshop - Adult
The heroes journey program was absolutely amazing... would so highly recommend it.


The hero's Journey Workshop - Children

"it's definitely great introduction to the world of magick and connection to earth and sky 💚🌻💚 I really hope you create the magick school you mentioned as I'm sure it will be amazing and much appreciated by the community."


Meditation class - Children

Thanks Diego,

It was a pleasure to attend and watch the shifts in the children. These are skills all children and even adults will benefit from. Look forward to the next one.

I really enjoyed the class and so did Felicity. She asked when the next one will be.

Sarah K

Meditation class - Children

Hi Diego,

Thank you for the class and also for the follow-up, I do appreciate it :)

If you do classes in the future for older kids, we would try and attend again.

Celia R

Adult individual hypnoterapy - Stress Reduction

I did three hypnosis sessions with Diego, as it was something new for me, driven by the curiosity to try. I had a great time, al point that I asked Diego if we can continue. I feel it is important for me to continue on this path. I highly recommend it.

Silvia Leonardi