Have a mission

A dream must be unrealistic and unattainable; we must aim for the star.


Diego Oliverio

1/17/20231 min read

One of the characteristics of the human being is the ability to create impossible things. A dream must be unrealistic and unattainable. Before this was made, it was impossible to use, consume or enjoy. For this reason, moving towards something unrealistic pushes us towards a non-definitive goal and means that we must keep moving towards our goal for it to become real.

Staying on the move is essential; it will allow us to avoid stagnation. In the pond, the water does not move. It is smelly, putrid and dirty. There is no life in the pond: the death of life and the absence of movement, excitement and change. Clinically, depression is the absence of action; depressed people are stuck in body and minds. They can no longer move. They lack the energy to perform simple daily activities such as showering, going to work, washing dishes, cleaning, etc.

Humans are a creature that has to keep moving from A to B. We cannot stop. We must set a goal and then follow the goal. What would be the best possible goal to make sure we keep moving? The best possible goal is an unrealizable mission. Something that cannot be achieved. Like Geppetto in the Pinocchio film, he aimed at an impossible dream: he asked for a real child.

We must aim for the star. We have to get there; even if it's impossible to reach a star, it's possible to get close to it. If I go up one step, I'm closer to the star, and if I go up ten steps, I'll be even closer. The higher I move, the more complex the growth process becomes. The more complex the growth process becomes, the more I have to sacrifice and keep myself focused and robust.

If I want to be a good man or a good woman - How can I do this? "Good" is an abstract concept. It can't be measured, but the fact that it's unattainable will keep me going. There will always be room to grow, move, sacrifice and reach the highest possible place.